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The Power of Enthusiasm

My dream is to increase the number of creators in Japan.

For the past 10 years, I've been thinking about what kind of jobs will remain when AI takes over in the future.


For me, I think it will be "creativity" and "hospitality. I think so.


I don't know if I had a global perspective back then, but now I believe that Japanese people have the ability to do so.

It is a fact that Japanese people have a high level of color recognition and are very good at speech and hearing.


There are four seasons in Japan.


That is why it is said that it is because they needed to distinguish the subtle shades.


I think the same thing can be said not only for colors, but also for sounds and words. I think so.

Now I am trying to prove the power of the Japanese in the form of childcare, despite the twists and turns.


In my nearly 10 years as a nursery school teacher, I have come to see that children have little creativity.


The fact that play is "given" to them.


Then, a few years ago, when I started to study psychology, I began to have doubts about childcare.


Isn't play supposed to be more spontaneous and active? I thought.


When I started to think that way and looked back at my own childcare, I had an "aha! I had an epiphany.


My voice became louder, and I realized that I hadn't been able to relax my shoulders.


I realized that the childcare I was doing was "directive.


It was the same with my children.


It made me realize that my directive attitude might be the problem.



So I decided to experimentally quit being directive.


And since I had learned in psychology that "pleasant" emotions are more likely to stick, I tried switching from "instruction" to "request" in order to put this into practice.


The effect of increasing "pleasant" emotions was obvious, and I began to notice various changes in some children, such as diapers coming off and early speech in their first year.


I was also surprised to see that their relationship with their families started to improve.

Iroiroasobist Mayumi

4.1 2021

childcare worker / certified psychologist / colorist



Now I have chosen to become a freelance childcare provider and apply this to baby sitting and drawing instruction within an after-school daycare service.


In particular, I try to use tricks to increase "pleasure" in paint drawing.


First of all, in the beginning, I deliberately narrow down the color choices.


The first time, we start with "one color.


The first time you start out, you start with only one color, and that color is red, blue, or yellow.


After that, enjoy drawing with only two of the colors for a while.


We try to change the number of colors according to the developmental progress of the child.


This is because the finished product is much more beautiful in color.


In this way, children naturally learn that mixing colors creates new colors.


We try to share the joy of discovery with the children and celebrate their challenges.


As they gradually expand their options and the range of their discoveries, they will come to recognize drawing itself as a "pleasure.


In this way, even two-year-olds can spend an hour at the table drawing and playing with clay.




The other day, I had a discussion with a teacher involved in education about children who grow up later, and she said that the experience of "concentration" and "flow state" is important for them.


In other words, it is important to have the "power to be absorbed".


I believe that if Japanese people, who have high potential, have this "power to be absorbed", they will be able to "think and create by themselves".


In order to do so, they must play.


In addition to drawing, creativity can be nurtured by "getting absorbed" in seeing, feeling, and discovering nature on a walk.


Use leaves as plates, boomerangs, boats, and so on.


We want to nurture their ability to challenge themselves and say, "It's okay to try anything. I want to nurture their ability to challenge themselves.




We want to nurture the ability to create, to challenge, and to praise challenges even when they fail.




If we can link this repetition to "pleasure," the Japanese people's "power of enthusiasm" will continue to increase.


Don't you think so?


That's what I believe and that's what I'm living for today.

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text and photo- Iroiroasobist Mayumi

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childcare worker / certified psychologist / colorist

Iroiroasobist Mayumi

色いろ遊びすと Mayumi

I want to increase the number of creators in Japan!

With this in mind, I went from being a parent to a childcare provider nine years ago.

Two years ago, I became a freelance nursery teacher.

In order to increase the number of children who are proactive and active

In order to increase the number of children who are proactive and active, I have been providing childcare that incorporates drawing games.

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