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Choose gentleness with intention

I run a small hotel in Bali called "kubu sari".

My first visit to Bali was in 1995.


At that time, I was working as a trainer and aerobics instructor at a hospital sports facility and studying aromatherapy.

Every time I went on vacation, I would go abroad and take aromatherapy treatments there.

I wanted to learn aromatherapy. I wanted to learn from someone like that.

I was on a journey to find a master of aromatherapy.


I studied various types of massage, such as Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Mayan traditional massage, Taiwanese massage, and Ayurveda, but when I received a massage from a certain person in Bali, I thought, "This is it! I thought, "This is it!

Three months after returning to Japan, I told the company, "I'm quitting my job to go to Bali to learn Balinese dance and Balinese massage.

I told the company that I was quitting my job to go to Bali to study Balinese dance and massage, and I decided to stay for a long time.

This was the end of my strong desire to go to Bali, and it was only by chance that I started to run a general store and a hotel in Bali.

Makiko Kurachi

4.1 2021

kubu sari hotelier / ototsumugi representative director



One day, the owner of the regular inn where I was staying during a long stay

The owner of the inn where I was staying for a long period of time said, "My son is getting upset, please do something about it. The owner of the inn came to me.

Since I was taking care of him, I wondered if there was anything I could do. I thought to myself

So I suggested, "Why don't we open a store together? That was the beginning of my proposal.

He replied, "I'll give it a try. So we decided to rent a store for 5,000 yen/month and sell lamps made from bamboo and basket bags woven from natural materials.

I wrote "Wa" (harmony) and "Ai" (love) in Chinese characters on the lamps, which became popular among overseas tourists and sold unexpectedly well.

The owner's son, Wayan, enjoyed this and gradually showed his businessman's blood, and together they built the hotel "kubu sari", and then he built his own hotels one after another, expanding the business.

We are now leading an organization called "kubu group".


Back to the beginning, I tried to renew my contract with a grocery store when my two-year contract was about to expire.

The landlord, however, offered to triple the rent.

Since the store was very popular, the landlord seemed to be watching his step and raised the rent.

In addition, other stores around us copied them and the neighborhood became a lamp shop, and we could not sell any products at all.

Just as I was thinking of quitting, a Balinese friend of mine said to me

Just as I was thinking of quitting, a Balinese friend of mine came to me and said, "I want to send my child to school, can you rent me a rice field? Just as I was about to quit, a Balinese friend of mine asked me if I would rent a rice field to send his child to school.

The price was cheap, so I decided to rent the land for two rice paddies.

However, since we didn't have a lot of money, we couldn't do anything but rent the land.

So I decided to build a gazebo, a hut with just a roof, and plant a lot of plants around it to make it a place to picnic and relax.

I was working in a psychosomatic medicine department at the time, so I thought that if I could relax in a place like this, the patients wouldn't be so stressed that they would need to be hospitalized.

I thought it would be a place where people who are under a lot of stress could slowly regain themselves.



Birdsong, children's voices, the sound of plants swaying in the wind, musical instruments and chanting music coming from the temple.

I named it "ototsumugi" because I imagined that I could weave together various sounds and the voices of my heart

I named it "oototsumugi" because I imagined that I could create a beautiful tapestry.

When I actually built the gazebo and relaxed in it, I felt much better than I imagined.

Then again, I thought to myself

I thought to myself, "If I could sleep here, it would be so much easier not to have to stay in a hotel.


I thought, "I wonder how much it would cost to build a house? I asked a carpenter in the neighborhood about his daily wage with a light heart.

At that time, the carpenter's quoted price was 700 yen per day.

My head spun as I did the math.

As a result, I said, "I don't have any savings, but I can do that! I decided to go back to Japan and work.


After two years of working in Japan, going to Bali to build, working in Japan, going to Bali to build, and so on.

After two years of this cycle, one house was finally built.


After two years, one house was finally built, and then a friend said, "I want to stay here too," so we built another house.

After five years of working in Japan, going to Bali to build a house, working in Japan, going to Bali to build a house, and so on.

After five years of repeating the process of working in Japan, going to Bali to build, working in Japan, going to Bali to build, and so on, three buildings and four rooms were completed.

After five years, we have completed three buildings with four rooms, and we leave the rest to the Balinese to manage.

All the profits are used to employ Balinese people and contribute to the community.

He asked me to do something for his son who was struggling to make ends meet. His son, Wayan, bought a plot of land in Bali called "kubu sari", which Japanese people cannot buy.

We both have families and we don't have children, so he told us to come to Bali and let his children take care of us when we get old.

He told us to come to Bali.

When you give, you get given, and you get given again.

In Bali, when you are kind, kindness comes back to you.

You can be kind without worry, and your kindness will not be exploited.

You don't have to try hard to be someone else, but keep responding to the kindness in front of you.

And choose and express the kindness in you.


I know that there will be many difficult and painful things in your new life.

I am currently working as an aromatherapist at a psychosomatic clinic, so I talk to many people who are in pain.

When you are in pain and can't do anything about it, please go to a kind place and receive kindness to the fullest.


Then, when you feel a little better, grab the small kindness inside of you and don't let it go, even if you have to.

I received a lot of kindness in Bali, and I think I learned a lesson about kindness.


In Balinese legend, Barong, the god of good, and Randa, the god of evil, have an eternal battle that cannot be settled.

It is because of this deeply rooted idea that we have the awareness to choose the goodness within us.

No matter what kind of world we find ourselves in, we should "choose the kindness within us and move forward with a smile. I think.


There is a way to aim for something, but there is also something to be found by choosing daily kindness.

More than halfway through my life, I am thinking about this.


In April, I will begin my work to care for children in need.

Remembering the smiles of the children in Bali, I am going to go forward with a smile again so that I can see many smiling faces.

text and photoprahs - Makiko Kurachi


kubu sari hotelier / ototsumugi representative director

Makiko Kurachi


President of ototsumugi / Owner of "kubu sari" hotel in Ubud, Bali

Owner of "ototsumugi", a traditional Japanese house salon

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