Because of this age

​I want to know the “feelings like a wish” of attractive people .

It seems that the new coronavirus is still a long way from being under control.

The corona situation is still casting a big shadow on our lives.

In spite of this, everyone is resuming their own activities with considerable ingenuity.

People are continuing their activities in the most attractive way possible.

Even if they are refraining from their activities now, they are doing very nice and attractive activities.

The activities and words of such people are full of things that we desperately need to live in the present time.


I wanted to listen to the words of people who have done something that would cheer someone up.

He may not even feel like he has gotten there.

They may not even think that they are doing something to cheer people up.

Nevertheless, they are there, and they have lived with a lot of thoughts and feelings before they got there.

They must be thinking about how to live in the future.

How can the words of such people not touch the hearts of people who are filled with anxiety about themselves and the world in the future?


It is a beautiful thing to see people working hard, searching, pondering, and fighting to achieve their dreams.

Many of them have not been able to move forward only by the power of their own strong will.

A person's path in life is also a path born from the exchange of thoughts and feelings with the many people involved.

I would like to listen to the words of people who have lived in the midst of all of this, and I would like to introduce them to you.

The words of those who have lived and will continue to live in this way all contain a wish similar to a prayer.


Strength and

strong will, and

and a wish for the future.

I feel that they are full of good energy.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who have agreed to this purpose and joined this web magazine.

I hope to spread the circle of sympathy and stimulation, even if only a little, though steadily and steadily.

art director Tsutomu Kinoshita

Art direction - Tsutomu KInoshita

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