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Jade Column

Blue sky in Hanseatic city

from  Hamburg / Germany

Goldsmith / Art Designer

I've been wandering around a lot of countries, and I've been to almost 50 countries since 2020, when my record stopped.

I've lived in Japan, England, Germany, France, Switzerland, and now I find myself back in Northern Germany, where I once lived and am now settled.

I am a goldsmith by trade, exhibiting my own jewelry and objects at trade shows and exhibitions in Eurasia.

I also used my experience to coordinate and consult for trade shows and events in Europe.

I am currently studying religious studies/religious anthropology at a local university in Germany, after a new virus changed my world.

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DAYS /  Jude Column

Blue sky in Hanseatic city

And then the seasons come around again, and I think about the early summer season.


It is the season of early summer.

This year, spring in northern Germany came very slowly, with chilly days, sunny and cloudy days, rain, snow, hail, thunder, gusty winds, rainbows, and then rain again...the sky changed rapidly.

In the middle of May, the lockdown due to the new virus was almost lifted all over Germany, or more precisely in many European countries.

Retail stores were out of business for almost 6 months, and restaurants for almost 7 months.

In particular, restaurants were only allowed to offer take-out and home delivery services, and if a customer did not follow the rules and regulations and ate or drank in the restaurant, or if a customer was allowed to enter the restaurant without wearing a mask, the restaurant would be fined up to 700,000 yen. For me, it was a very painful period because I did not feel like a stranger.

The lockdown was lifted in time for early summer.

The sidewalks in the city are now lined with café tables again, and I am still very happy that things are back to normal.

Many people don't think it's really over, but...

And I don't think it is either...

In this early summer season, when it is supposed to be bright and warm until midnight, I am happy to be able to go into a normal café to take a break or eat out with friends.

I think that's probably the case for many people.


Looking at it from a bit of an angle, in June, EURO 2021, the biggest soccer event in Europe, will be held without spectators.

It is famous in Japan, but in Europe, soccer events are much more exciting than the Olympics.

Like the Olympics in Tokyo, EURO 2021 was postponed from 2020 to this year.

It is an important event in general, traditionally, and of course economically.

And it is immediately followed by the summer vacations, the season of the great migration of peoples.

If there is a lockdown in the summer, the economic damage to the tourism industry, the surrounding businesses in the area, and the municipality itself will be unparalleled compared to other seasons.

EURO 2021 and summer vacation.

The general interpretation seems to be that it was a six-month lockdown for these two things.


I suddenly wonder what will happen in the fall...but I guess that's anyone's guess.

The famous Bavarian festival, Oktoberfest, has already been cancelled as of early May, and we still don't know what will happen in the next few months.

But then again, I think it's okay to enjoy the "now".

Now that the lockdown has been lifted, let's enjoy the bright and warm season of early summer rather than the uncertain months ahead...

It's not that I don't care about the future, of course, but in a sense, I've been able to think really "flexibly" about situations where the future is difficult to predict.

Maybe it's one of the positive changes within myself, one of the good products of the fact that the new virus has changed the whole world and my life so much...

That's what I thought, that's what I must be.

It's early summer afternoon and I'm half forced to believe that it's a positive thought change.