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Reiko Takami
Designer / Writer

She is a freelance graphic designer from Chiba prefecture.She started "Kimagure Diner", an activity to learn about the local culture together using various local ingredients. Sponsored by.Regularly serving lunches in Tokyo.

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DAYS / Reiko Takami Column

Walking and Walking

My Daredevil Challenge

Koshiabura at dawn


Have you ever had Koshiabura rice?


Over the phone, Mr. Nasuno, an apple farmer, suggested a menu that "90% of people say is delicious.

Koshiabura is a kind of wild vegetable like cod's sprouts and udo.

In Nagano, the harvest season is around the Golden Week holidays.

In Nagano, the harvest season is around the Golden Week holidays. It is a tasty wild vegetable that can be made into tempura.

In late May, the leaves are harvested, boiled with salt, chopped into small pieces, and mixed with freshly cooked white rice.
We decided to have the bamboo shoots from Haciku sent to us as well, saying that we would like to have a full meal of wild vegetables for this month's Whimsy Restaurant.


The year before last, I left my house at dawn when the sky was getting whiter and whirled down the steep mountain road to pick wild vegetables.
I couldn't keep up with the movements of Mr. Nasuno, who was seventy years old, and I miss the way he looked at me with disgust.
Even though I was unsteady on my feet, I was desperately looking up at the trees, trying to find wild plants.

I used to see the indescribable power and overwhelming view when I looked up at the trees and the sky.
Lately, I've only been looking up at the cropped sky, and I think I've forgotten to pay attention to the plants.
In Tokyo, you can look up at trees as much as you want in parks or shrine grounds.
But the "cKoshiabura" that grows in the soft shade of the trees is too delicate to live here.
I was reminded once again of the richness of the place I had been given to live in.

It is easy to realize the importance of everyday life, which we take for granted that we can go back to, only after losing it.
I felt lonely in Nagano, a place I had no connection with.
While feeling lonely for Nagano, which I had no connection with, I would like to spend some more time with my friends in Tokyo to feel the daily changes and the gradual transformation.




DAYS / Reiko Takami Column

Walking and Walking

My Daredevil Challenge

I wish I could relax in my own way during my busy days.


I want to get in touch with nature to relax.

Even if you think so, it is not always easy to realize.


We have been refraining from traveling due to the effects of the corona vortex since last year.

or the economic uncertainty caused by the self-restraint.

There were so many hurdles before I could make the trip.


What makes me happy at such times is the "asparagus delivery" from Nakagawa Village in Nagano Prefecture.


The asparagus are in season and green with sweetness from the moderate stress caused by the difference in temperature between morning and evening.

The asparagus, which is rare in Japan, is over 1 cm thick and is the pride of the farmers.

The asparagus is actually soft without any strands and juicy just by boiling! You can enjoy its fresh texture.

The moment you put it in your mouth, the gentle aroma of asparagus spreads through the air.


Unlike asparagus from overseas, the asparagus is harvested the day before and shipped right away, so it is very fresh.

Moreover, the asparagus is grown slowly and carefully until it grows thick and large, which is why it has a beautiful color.

Once you try the asparagus, you will become a repeat customer.

The asparagus is so popular that more than half of the customers are repeat customers.

It makes me happy to see the number of people who look forward to eating asparagus every year gradually increasing.


Nagano's asparagus, which brings us spring, has become an indispensable part of my life.

Now that the hurdles to travel are so high, I want to get to know Nagano better, thinking of the farmers' courteous personalities and the scenery of the Southern Alps mountains through their crops.

Until the time when we can travel freely and easily again

I would like to share with my friends and family the things that make our daily lives more comfortable.

I would like to share them with my friends and incorporate them into our daily lives.



DAYS / Reiko Takami Column

Walking and Walking

My Daredevil Challenge

Bringing the Season to Everyday Life



After a winter that was so cold I wanted to stay at home and hibernate, spring is here with warmer weather.

The sun is shining and the room is warm, and I'm up and ready for my first "Kimagure Shokudo" in three months, and the busy morning hours tend to be hectic.

But the thought of having everyone enjoy the spring vegetables from Nagano naturally lifts my spirits.


Since I started ordering vegetables from Nagano, I have become more conscious of the "season" of food.

While seasonal vegetables are nutritious and delicious, if you miss the timing, you may not find what you want.

In addition, the harvest time often shifts depending on the weather.

When I was accustomed to the convenience of supermarkets, I could not afford to buy carefully selected seasonal vegetables because the hurdle was too high.

Now that I know how delicious and different the taste of vegetables carefully grown in close contact with nature can be, I sometimes ask my friends to buy them with me.

One of my friends who bought vegetables from Kimagure Shokudo said, "I've been eating them at home as salad and boiled vegetables since yesterday! We were so happy to hear that.

By sharing delicious food with others, I feel that people are gradually getting to know Nagano through food.


Spring is the season of buds.

Vegetables with buds are also in season.

Along with easy-to-handle vegetables such as potatoes and onions, you can also find rape blossoms and bamboo shoots in your shopping cart.

Living in Tokyo, we tend to forget about seasonal vegetables.

They replenish the body with the nutrients and energy it needs at that time of the year, so I would like to pay more attention to them in the menu of Kimagure Diner.

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DAYS / Reiko Takami Column

Walking and Walking

My Daredevil Challenge

The Power of Apples



The Corona has restricted my mobility and made it difficult to go to Nagano for fun.

My desire to eat delicious food has only increased.

In particular, I miss the red apples and 100% apple juice carefully grown and ripened by the apple farmers in Nagano.

In particular, I missed the bright red apples and 100% apple juice carefully grown and ripened by the apple farmers in Nagano.

I couldn't stand it and actually ordered them several times during the self-restraint period.

Whenever I felt somewhat sluggish or unwell.

This apple juice is so thick that it seems to prevent colds.

The sweetness and crunchy texture of the bright red ripened apples were perfect for dessert.

At first, I only ordered one for myself.

But then I thought, "Maybe I have a friend who would like to try those apples. I thought.

So, at the end of last year, I posted a message on social networking sites.

On the same day I posted it, more than 10 people, mostly regulars of the Whimsy Restaurant, bought the apples.

Some of them were so strong that they bought 12 bottles of 1 liter juice.

Friends who bought the juice said, "It's so delicious! "My mother loved it, so I want to order it again! I want to order again!

I was so happy to receive feedback from friends who had purchased the products that I recruited them again at the beginning of the year and delivered them to each household.

I was so happy to hear that there were so many people who wanted to buy fresh food through me.

I was happy to know that there were so many people around me who wanted to buy fresh food through me.

Maybe it's possible to have a lifestyle of eating and using food that is a little closer than "face-to-face"?

I felt like I had a glimpse of a happy future beyond "production" and "consumption" among friends.



DAYS / Reiko Takami Column

Walking and Walking

My Daredevil Challenge

The view from the car window and the view you see




Knowing that thirty is just barely old enough to attend a training camp, I was

Surrounded by young kids in their early twenties.

The driver's license that I obtained while feeling the nostalgic atmosphere of the school

The driver's license that I obtained while feeling the nostalgic atmosphere of the school, with my face half hidden by my wallet, seems to be out of use for a while.

When I was driving, I used to look around and watch the movements of people on the street.

I even remember things like, "That curve was dangerous," or "I got goosebumps.

When I drove for the first time, I felt that my awareness of "seeing" my surroundings had changed.

The views I saw as I drove were.

I could see things that I could not see or feel from the back seat window.


I use the express bus as a way to travel to rural areas.

There were times when I thought that the reason for my choice might not only be financial.

I've never had a stranger sleep next to me.

Or stopping at a parking area for a certain amount of time and then going outside to rest.

When you have an accident that prevents you from arriving on time, your imagination and senses begin to work.

When I see someone putting souvenirs on the shelf, I think to myself, "It's been a long time since I've been home, it's nice to have a home in the country.

There are times when I challenge myself to see if I can sleep even if someone is breathing comfortably.

There is nothing to be gained by doing so, but I love the time I spend imagining and challenging myself for no reason at all.


When I was a child, I used to read fantasy novels so much that I would dream about them.

This may have been influenced by the fact that when I was a child, I used to read fantasy novels to the point of dreaming about them, and play with them by expanding the world in my imagination.

I can drive a car or fly without a license if I just imagine it.

The time I spend devising ways to enjoy the story in my own way is sometimes more enjoyable than the main story.

For me, the journey already starts from the time I get there, and the amount of fun I have before I arrive at my destination is also important.

Of course we are traveling with a purpose, but it would be a shame if we didn't look aside until we reached our destination.

There will be more and more people who want to enjoy the process of getting to their destination as well.

I was thinking, "I wonder if the number of people who want to enjoy the process on the way to their destination will increase in the future?

That's what I was thinking about.


DAYS / Reiko Takami Column

Walking and Walking

My Daredevil Challenge

With a hiding place, resistance activities


I started building a small hiding place because I didn't have a place to go back to like a hiding place yet.
We started meeting at an apple farmer's house in the town of Iijima in Nagano Prefecture, and I gradually learned about the area.
When I head out there, I decide that the only people I want to talk to are people I want to share the same view with.
When I go there, I decide that the only people I want to talk to are people I want to share the same view with.
I go to the farmer's house so that I can be filled with only "my favorite things" and "my favorite people".
My "little hideaway" is slowly growing into a place that I love.

To begin with, when I meet people, I wonder if they really like their jobs, or I tend to be quite sensitive to whether there is love in such other people and their works.
If I can see that someone is using people for status or honor, I will put on a mask and keep my distance.
This is because when I am in contact with something unlovely, I have the sense that something inside of me is really diminished.


"Have a place where you can come home, with love


Since 2019, when I became a freelancer, the activities I've been doing, which I've put a lot of effort into, are It was an important resistance effort that I started.

My little "rebellion" that I started with was to say, "As far as I'm concerned, I'm going to get it right eventually.
It leads to the dream of "making it a place where everyone can come home".
So, even if it's a little bit of a loss, it's important to make sure that the "place" is nurtured properly.

I have some concrete plans in mind.

I know the importance of money, the importance of profit, the importance of being famous, but a strong sense of rebellion in me said, "It's not just about that, it's about living! And for a very long time, I was on a rampage.
Rather than someone who is "all about me" in every way,  I'd like to support people who have warmth behind their eyes in their own way and do their job properly.



DAYS / Reiko Takami Column

Walking and Walking

My Daredevil Challenge

Maybe that's what luxury is all about


Summer has been over before I knew it, and now autumn has arrived like a quick curtain-raiser.
This year I feel this way, even more so since I hardly went out.
However, I'm not the kind of person who can stay in my house in Tokyo for a few months.
I was secretly looking forward to going away to my friend's house in Chigasaki on weekdays.
It was only a small one, since we were moving from Shinjuku to Chigasaki.
Still, it was a nice break.

This time last year, I was with an apple farmer in the town of Iijima, Nagano Prefecture.
I was helping to pick grapes for shipment in November.
After finishing the work, we ate a delicious meal and slept while listening to the sound of bellbugs.
A trip of one night and two days where you wake up to the morning sun leaking through the shoji screens.
The rhythm of my body, which was disrupted by work, was reset and my mind was refreshed.
Even though it took me four hours to get there one way, I felt satisfied with the change.
I was supposed to go again this year as a matter of course.
Over the phone, Ms. Nasuno, who cares for me like a daughter, and We chatted on the phone for 30 minutes about everything from vegetables to what's going on.
I hung up the phone, feeling like that was a very luxurious time because I can't go now.

Come to think of it, I've been carrying the expectations and roles of society on my shoulders.
In a world where you have to grow and accomplish things in your own way.
I was a bit tired at times.
So I wanted to make a proper return to society.
I created it to create an "inner" world for myself.
It's a "whimsical diner" that I run just once a month at a guest house in Asakusabashi.
After that, we met "Mr. and Mrs. Nasuno" from the town of Iijima in Nagano Prefecture.
It didn't matter how small the "inner" world was for me.
I was like a child who was given his own room for the first time.
It's a small hiding place like a treasure that you can refurbish and tailor with your wisdom.

For example, when you don't get the results you want in a game, you can run into the ground.
In order to set up a system to get those basics right, we have to you also need a place to reset yourself.
You might get sick for a little while, and every day is going to be a serious challenge and take up a lot of energy, but
You know, taking it easy and having the "fun of going back there I think it's a tremendous luxury.


DAYS / Reiko Takami Column

Walking and Walking

My Daredevil Challenge



The day I first met the apple farmer.
We had apples after dinner.

One bite and they were so sweet and delicious.


Whenever I talked about apples, he would talk passionately about his particular way of growing them.
When you pick the fruit and leaves, you have to consult with the apple tree.


If you listen to the apple tree, you'll make it taste better.


The cultivation rules proposed by the cooperative are not designed to produce delicious apples.
To efficiently grow and harvest apples for income.
He is an oddball among the locals because he ignores all that and grows them to be delicious in his own way.
His peers look at him coldly, but he doesn't care about that at all.

As a result, his apples are delicious.

I was drawn to his personality around him.
It attracts people of all ages, from local residents to immigrants.



A big reason to attend Iijima Town is the open environment that welcomes all kinds of people.

It's important to meet a good uncle like him to get to know the community.

And as I was writing this, it occurred to me that I remember what a long time friend of mine said to me before I went to Nagano, Japan.

She had been a teacher of mentally challenged children for over ten years. 
I don't remember exactly how he said that to me, but 'Let's make sure we don't unintentionally come off as superior.
I was told once that I wanted to do something for the community.

I was talking about how I wanted to do something for the community, and he said to me, "The economy has been running well for a long time, and we're not in trouble now.
It's not like they're in trouble now.

It's not like they're in trouble now.

It was typical of her to value polite relationships with people.
After hearing this, I try to ask myself these words before I start anything.


They're different professions, ages, and genders, but they hate relationships that are connected by money. 
I feel that there is a connection between this attitude and the importance of a polite face-to-face relationship.


Money" seems to be everything in the world, but it really isn't. I think that's the only thing we can't compromise on as a value, and I hope more people can relate to that.

That's the only thing I can't give up as a value, and I hope more people can relate to that.



DAYS / Reiko Takami Column

Walking and Walking

My Daredevil Challenge

From becoming a fan


The town of Iijima in Nagano Prefecture is 4 hours away from Tokyo and Shinjuku by express bus.
The area is secretly popular with migrants because of the beautiful Southern and Central Alps surrounding it on all sides.
I learned about this place in 2019 when I visited with a friend of mine and before the Corona fiasco, it was my favorite place to visit once a month for a weekend.
Now it's not exactly free to go there due to movement restrictions.
I have been continuously involved with the community through the monthly "Kimagure Diner" in Tokyo, which provides lunches made from local ingredients.

Since we started with a half-hearted effort, we didn't know how to get involved in the community, so we joined the Shimane Prefecture-sponsored "Shimakoto Academy" to learn more about various ways to get involved.
In this course, we learned about Shimane Prefecture, which is known for its progressive community development, through fieldwork and actually visited the area to find out how we can get involved with the community.
I learned about the concept of "concerned population" proposed by Kazumasa Sashiide, editor-in-chief of the social and eco-magazine Sotokoto.


The "relevant population" is not the "permanent population" who have moved to the area or the "social population" who have come to visit, but the population who are involved in the community.
It's the people who spend only weekends in their favorite neighborhoods, buy local products, or support a particular area in some way, even if not often.


The apple farmer and his wife, who stay with us each time, are like a local "information center" for the community, with different people, young and old, men and women, coming to their home in turn every day.
Last year, we invited the rice farmers to come to Tokyo to eat their new rice.
It was a good experience for me to be able to involve the people around me in creating a place where I could talk directly with my favorite farmers about their particular tastes and preferences.


In the wake of the new coronavirus scare, people are spending more and more time working at home, and with the declaration of a state of emergency and the accelerated pace of our "daily lives online," there has been an overwhelming decrease in the number of opportunities to meet people.
This may be the trend of the times, for better or worse, as we live in an age where we don't need to be directly connected to people to get by.
If remote work is being promoted and more and more young people are seriously thinking about moving to the regions, it may be a good idea to start slowly by finding their favorite place in the region as a "concerned population" to start with.


If people like me who are not from the same region as you, but who love the area and its culture, are called "fans," then it may be possible to start a connection with the community as a fan, and feel as if you are seeking a "second home" for your family.
If you can create a place across the country where you can be yourself with people you can talk to comfortably like family, then even the anxiety of old age, which is often said to be insecure, will be exciting.


DAYS / Reiko Takami Column

Walking and Walking

My Daredevil Challenge



Go where you feel comfortable.
I subconsciously go back to it again and again.
I mean, you know, that coziness of I can safely trust that it is comfortable.
This applies to things like my parents' house.
For example, I'll tell you if it applies to any area where there is nature.
Surprisingly, I feel that there are few places that seem like that.

The town of Iijima in Nagano Prefecture is four hours away from Shinjuku Station by express bus.
We have been fortunate enough to visit once a month for the past two years for a weekend.
The local apple farmer and his wife, who are taking care of us there, are he entered the mountain and pushed his way up the steep slope with an air of familiarity and strength.
He's a caring, generous, well-liked man.
He is like a mainstay who is relied upon by men and women, young and old.

You don't have to think about anything special in that kind of environment.
A night or two spent without a care in the world it allowed me to be spontaneous.
And I confirmed that this is my true self.
The feeling of being mixed in with the crowds in the city center.
You can spend your weekends unraveling and enjoying the beauty of this land.
I was wondering how to tell the story in Tokyo.
Right now I'm still thinking about fluff in my free time.

I'll start with what I can do.
The purpose of this project is to promote the culture of this region through food.
We started a one-day only restaurant called "Kimagure Shokudo" in Tokyo. 
It's a place to enjoy learning about the local culture together, using ingredients from various regions.
Through these activities, we reaffirmed the values we hold dear in living in the area.
First of all, there's the expectation that something fun is about to begin for the people of the area.
I'm trying to create a "good hangout".

We don't go there because it's work.
It's a place you'll want to go to because it's comfortable.
Take a big breath and change the direction of the wind.
To look at tomorrow so interesting that I can't wait.