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June 2020

6.1 2020


STAY SALTY ...... people here


Sun distance


bookstore landlord

Satoko Kumagai

In the south end of Fushimi in Kyoto, in the city of Kyoto, there is a considerable distance from Kyoto, which is the image of so-called "Let's go, Kyoto, let's go", a distance from the station, and the distance is in time. There is such a distance.

In that kind of place, on February 15, 2018, we opened the picture book specialty store “Picture Book Nokotachi”.

A 75-year-old old house has been renovated, and you can take off your shoes and go up. You can sit down on the floor with your luggage side by side, and slowly take a picture book and examine it.

It often takes 2-3 hours for a flower to bloom with the customer.

Through the picture books, I realized that it is becoming a place where people can get closer to each other.

The number of people who are gradually acquainted has increased, and what is the social distance just ahead of the third year?

You tried to lose distance, but can you get away?

I think it was a long time ago.

There are so many people in Kyoto that I can't think of a sightseeing spot in February.

So I thought it would be over soon.

Ventilation is not a problem if you install antiseptic solution for your fingers in the store and open the window.

In the first place, there are no visitors so crowded that there is no crowding.

Before the original picture exhibition "Search for Maru" (written by Kumiko Yamamoto/Hidamarisha) scheduled for March, I made a reservation in order to make sure that the cluster would never be put out.

I wonder if I overdoed it. Customers are drastically reduced.

It was the first time for us to have such a small number during the exhibition period, and I was sorry for both the author and the publisher who came from Tokyo.

Still, from now on, I was still optimistic.

We planned an event so that we could recover in April until the devastating March.

An event inviting Akihiro Hatanaka, a folk scholar and author of "The Story of Tono to Read in the Kansai Dialect" (Ex knowledge), for reading and commentary.

"Tono Monogatari" is a literary compilation of Kunio Yanagida's stories that are known to Tono, Iwate Prefecture.

The feeling that the "Tono Monogatari" came over from the other side.

From Tohoku to Kansai. This is No distance.

If you ask Mr. Hatanaka, who you do not know, by e-mail, he will come to the store a few days later and it will be a quick talk. I'm a teacher living in Osaka. Kyoto and Osaka are also no distance.


After mid-March, Kyoto has many cherry blossom viewing guests.

Although the world is so beautiful, the number of infected people continues to grow, and my mind is full of "What to do on April 11th."

It's good because it's not large.

Give the participants the masks they gave you.

I bought a microphone for karaoke so that I don't have to speak loudly.

I also bought a stool so that I could sit at a distance.

The application deadline for 15 people has been closed to 10 people.

All the possible measures were taken, but the proper interval is 2m, what is it, control? Do you also do radio exercises? Even 10 people can't do radio exercises in the store.

At most 3 people. It's impossible.

The bulletin there was "I was prepared to consider the issuance of the emergency declaration."

What is that kind of guy, "Oh no, please start if you say Don".

Are you playing around?


We decided to postpone it a week before the scheduled date.

We are very sorry for those who applied.

At the event, I felt like I was stigmatizing myself as "unnecessary urgency", and I felt irresistible anxiety about stopping all cultural things.

Mr. Hatanaka, who has the same feeling that we must continue to send information even if we change the form, decided to have an interview on the scheduled day. For that purpose, I registered for "note" and published the interview article in five serial articles, so please read it.

After the interview, the physical store was closed from April 13th to May 22nd, sending articles and shifting the focus to the Web Shop.

It was because I had decided by myself that the number of beds in Kyoto Prefecture would be full as a standard for holidays.

The biggest concern is that you can forget about a closed store.

Global change of behavior occurs and everyone goes out.

Shopping online is becoming more commonplace.

I wonder if we can do it without being buried while there are tens of thousands of other inventories whose inventory and service cannot be matched.

I wonder if everyone forgets the fun of going out when they resume.

Unintentionally, when I muttered "Don't forget" on Twitter, many people responded.

A lot of orders were received with encouraging messages from both regulars and distant people.

A list of bookstores with online shops popped up from publishers, and what's the No distance distance?

The distance from the earth to the sun is 149.6 million km.

But light and heat reach.

I can't grab it, but I feel it.

I'm sure I should think about the distance of the sun.

Satoko Kumagai

photographs and text - Satoko Kumagai


bookstore landlord

Satoko Kumagai


The owner of "Picture Book no Cotachi", a picture book store in Fushimi, Kyoto. Through picture books, we are transmitting the thoughts and feelings through cultural traditions and exchanges.

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Book store "Picture book no Cotachi"

Picture book no Cotachi are picture book stores in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto.

It opened on February 15, 2018.
Business hours 11:00-19:00 Regular holiday Wednesday Thursday

Parking (two) is possible. There is an affiliated parking lot nearby. About 20 minutes walk from Keihan Chushojima.


76 Yokoshiro, Miyoshi Tsujido-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-8241, Kyoto Prefecture
TEL & FAX: 075-202-2698
Business hours 11:00-19:00 / Regular holiday Wednesdays and Thursdays

A new bookstore for picture books

We mainly deal with newly published picture books. I would like to focus on the picture books that will be read for a long time. I have a few practical books, photo books, art books, etc.

Please take off your shoes in the store

A private house over 70 years old has been renovated into a store. The floor on which the tatami mat was laid was made up of planks. Even children with small children should check the picture books on the floor without worrying about dirtying large luggage, so please take off your shoes.

We have a gallery

I made the dirt floor a gallery space. It is used for events such as original exhibitions, fairs, and workshops. Click here for past exhibitions

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